About Us
Phoenix Metals, Inc. was incorporated on April 24, 1985 in the state of Washington. The corporation was purchased on July 1, 1990 by James (Hap) Ahlborn. On June 23, 1995 the corporation changed the name to Action Recycling/Phoenix Metals, Inc.

Action Recycling's operation consists of approximately 50,000 square feet of storage yard and 10,000 square feet of building space at E. 911 Marietta, Spokane, Washington 99207.

Action Recycling purchases non-ferrous and limited quantities of ferrous metals from the general public, contractors, fabricators, machinists and other recycling companies.

Material is brought in from a large geographic region including central and eastern Washington, north Idaho, western Montana, and southern British Columbia, Canada. Material is also collected through a system of containers placed on location at many commercial business accounts.

Action Recycling, upon receiving material, weighs, sorts, and packages like items to purchaser's specifications. Purchasers includes exporters, end users, and foundries on the west coast and Canada.

Key employees are or include : James (Hap) Ahlborn, Glen Ahlborn, Steve Smith and Larry Knox.

Hap Ahlborn, owner, has had 12 years management experience in the automotive field in Spokane. He then became a stock broker and was in several management positions in southern Florida from 1986-1990.

Glen Ahlborn, general manager and "chief scrap scrounger", has been with Action Recycling since March of 1995. He has had previous experience with a local telephone PBX in Spokane and was brought into the company to handle the ever increasing volume of material and growth of the company.

Larry Knox is one of the newest buyers working at Action Recycling. He has over 15 years of recycling experience in the Spokane area. Larry says that he is "an awesome buyer, who is just awesome".

Steve Smith has been with Action Recycling since September 1995. Steve upgrades material to achieve maximum profit and is also the primary driver for commercial account pickups and local deliveries.

With these additional employees, a clean well organized facility, we produce more finished product than any other recycling or scrap yard in Spokane County per square foot; and still provide end users and foundries with the clean, high-grade and properly sorted material they count on us for!

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